Significant Declarations, Orders and Discovery Issues

041008 CAPCOG letter to SOAH agreeing with SWAC that WMI’s application is incompatible with area land use
050108 SOAH Order No. 1 granting party status to TJFA and others
061308 SOAH Order No. 2 regarding scheduling
070808 TJFA’s Motion to abate proceedings until a technically-complete application is provided to all parties
071008 TJFA’s withdrawal of Motion to abate
102208 TJFA’s responses to WMI’s written discovery requests
102208 WMI’s responses to TJFA’s interrogatories and requests for production
111108 TJFA’s response to WMI’s Motion to compel
111908 SOAH Order No. 5 denying WMI’s motion to compel TJFA and the City of Austin to respond more specifically to interrogatories and requests for disclosure
Order No. 13 (10-07-09) requesting dates for Prehearing and Remand

TJFA Kier Exhibit 200
TJFA Kier Exhibit 201
TJFA Kier Exhibit 202
TJFA Kier Exhibit 203
TJFA Kier Exhibit 204
TJFA Kier Exhibit 205
TJFA Kier Exhibit 206
TJFA Kier Exhibit 207
TJFA Kier Exhibit 208
TJFA Kier Exhibit 209
TJFA Kier Exhibit 210
TJFA Kier Exhibit 211
TJFA Kier Exhibit 212
Northeast Neighbors’ Motion for Re-Hearing (10-20-09)
Applicant’s Response to Northeast Neighbors’ Motion for Rehearing (10-21-09)
Northeast Neighbors’ Amended Motion for Rehearing (10-22-09)

City of Austin Private Landfill Environmental Assessment By Carter & Burgess, Inc. – Letter of Transmittal and Executive Summary

Summary of Environmental Conditions at the Waste Management, Inc., Austin Community Landfill – Austin’s “Love Canal” Prepared by Robert S. Kier Consulting