State District Court Appeals – 130 Environmental Park

EPICC, TJFA Original Petition  12-11-2017

TCEQ Original Answer of Defendant  1-5-2018

130 Environmental Park Plea in Intervention, Landfill  1-8-2018

130 Environmental Park Plea in Intervention, Transfer Station  3-27-2018

EPICC, TJFA Request for Judicial Review 7-23-2018

Notice of Filing of Administrative Record  9-18-2018

Assignment of Judge Gisela Triana 10-16-2018

Assignment of Judge Howell 1-15-2019

Assignment of Court 1-16-2019

Notice of Filing of Record of Administrative Proceeding 1-30-2019

EPICC, TJFA Plaintiff’s Initial Brief  3-29-2019

TCEQ Response Brief of Defendant  6-28-2019

130 Environmental Park Response Brief of Invervenor-Defendant  6-28-2019

Amicus Brief of City of Waco and SWANA, Texas Chapter  7-1-2019

Plaintiff’s Final Reply Brief  7-26-2019

Plaintiff’s Notice of Appearance of Additional Counsel 8-26-2019

Final Judgment Order 10-14-2019